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Our Guiding Principles


As an independent firm, Hillis Financial Services operates under a strict code of ethics and is free from any potential conflicts of interest due to investment banking practices or sales of proprietary products. This independence allows us to provide you with objective financial guidance and always serve your best interests. Our core values drive our success and are present in every interaction with our clients, outside advisors including your CPA or attorney, as well as our own team members.


You can count on us to act with integrity as we seek to deliver the best possible investment guidance and wealth management services. Because we are an independent firm, your success is directly tied to ours. It is, therefore, our goal is to protect and grow your assets.


We strive to provide service excellence across every aspect of our business, ensuring a professional experience for our clients. Our team of experienced advisors and financial professionals are adept in their chosen disciplines and take a proactive approach to continuing education for our clients’ ongoing benefit.