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Mid-Year Economic Outlook 2013

Hillis Financial Services in San Jose, Calif., recently hosted their annual “Mid-Year Economic Outlook” event at the Golf Club at Boulder Ridge. President Jack Hillis and Executive Vice President Caroline Delaney hold meetings like this twice a year as a way to educate clients and keep them up-to-date with market fluctuations. Nearly 80 guests attended the event. 

Guest speaker Dr. Jerry Webman, Ph.D., CFA, and Chief Economist at Oppenheimer Funds, shared a presentation that dove into the global economic forecast and addressed the common concerns about asset prices and fundamentals. He stressed the importance of the buying opportunities that exist right now, and he also discussed the different viewpoints of capital markets with the relative risks to consider. With so many variables in action, Dr. Webman shared insight on how to sift through the clamor and find the right opportunities for unique situations. Overall, clients walked away from the event feeling more confident and educated about the current state of the markets.